Finance & Investments

Finance & Investments we call it as FInvestmens


Lakamsani Group offer an exhaustive suite of financial solutions – Mortgages Loans, Vehicle Loans, SME Loans, Loans Against Investments,Construction Finance, Infrastructure Loans and Microfinance. What’s more, with the help of our experience financial advisors, you can decide on the tenure, interest rate and the loan amount that best suits you.

With our wide range of secured loans there’s no reason for you to settle for something less, when you can achieve something bigger.

Although we are offering this financial solutions in un categorized way using person to person lending.We have been working with Reserve Bank of India to acquire appropriate licenses to operate in structured way by incorporating this as registered Non Banking financial Corporation.


Lakamsani Group believes in investing their time, money, efforts in budding entrepreneurs and the business ideas in order to make their monetary investments fruitful! Our certified network of financial advisors, chartered accountants and a vast network of mentors not only offer a risk free business strategy for your business trajectory growth, but always keeps a Plan B intact in case of any unfavorable dishevels. We value the entrepreneurs working with a vision of human wellbeing, and pat their shoulders in form of our seed investments through our own fund called Theseedfund .